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The mefa is an R framework package aimed to provide standardized computational environment for specialist work. It provides object classes for long (database style, object class 'stcs') and wide (crosstabulated, object class 'mefa') representations of the data coded by samples, taxa and segments (i.e. sub populations, repeated measures). Supports easy processing of the count data along with relational data tables for samples and taxa. An object of class 'mefa' is a project specific compendium of the data and can be easily used in further analyses. Methods are provided for extraction, aggregation, conversion, plotting, summary and reporting of 'mefa' objects. Reports can be generated in plain text or LaTeX format.


  • The version 3.0-0 is now available on CRAN, with a vignette and a demo is added, and simplified example data sets.
  • Animated features are available here. (This was rather an experiment.)
  • SCM repository is now shared between the 'mefa' and 'abmi' packages. 'abmi' is a package for handling data sets of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI, www.abmi.ca). See entries in my R-Forge Diary.

The 'mefa' Paper

Short Communications

  • Sólymos, P. 2008. mefa: an R package for handling and reporting count data. Community Ecology 9, 125-127. (journal homepage)
  • Sólymos, P. 2008. From malacological records to analysis: an R package for handling and reporting count data. Tentacle, 16: 26. (PDF)
  • Sólymos, P. and Fehér, Z. 2008. The mefa package: a tool for reproducible data processing in biogeography. IBS Newsletter, 6(1): 9-13. (PDF, or you can post comments at the IBS blog)

A list of papers that has been used use the mefa package so far is available at CiteULike. If you also have such paper, please let me know. Feedback and feature requests are especially welcome!

Other sorts of 'mefa' sites on the web

Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards, Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, ME-FA: Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of mailboxes.